Silenced by Employment Contract

Professor Doug Lay was given the freedom to teach, worship and speak about everything in the world, the Bible, religion, and politics. The one thing he could not speak about was the abuse being hidden by First Christian Church of Florissant. St. Louis Christian College was so fearful of losing sponsorship from the churches who support the college, that they actually wrote speech restrictions into professor Lay’s employment contract. Rather than succumb to the college’s intimidation, Professor Lay resigned. Read Professor Lay’s resignation letter.

The college had taken the warnings from White Flag Church (run by Steve Wingfield’s brother, Paul Wingfield) seriously  and worried that their funding would be pulled if Lay wasn’t silenced.  The situation came to a “boiling point” when Professor Lay’s contract came up for renewal.  The college used the contract as a cleaver to chop the professor’s first amendment rights out from under him.  They made his continued employment at St. Louis Christian College contingent on his silence.  Here’s the actual addendum to his employment contract.

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