Elder:  Jim Taylor
To the FCCF Congregation 4-12-2015

Today we have an important update on the conclusion to a court case involving a horrible crime. The case was about Brandon Milburn, a young man who abused two boys in 2009. Though the investigation revealed this did not take place in our building, we still grieve that as a college age intern he grossly violated the trust of our church and the families of his victims.

After a year of open investigation inviting other potential victims to come forward, the case ended with his guilty plea and a sentence of 25 years in prison.

We know that people are hurting, a lot of damage done. And we want you to know that counseling is available if that is what you need. Sadly, as the sentencing date approached, individuals, who themselves had direct personal involvement with this intern, chose this highly charged moment to make the false charge that the leadership knew of the abuse and criminally failed to report it — This is simply untrue.

Though everyone has a right to express themselves, when that includes false accusations of criminal activity it crosses the line. As leaders we responded privately and directly with those accusers.

As elders we want you to know we have taken strong additional steps. We have secured an attorney, we have gone to the Florissant police and to the St. Louis County police offering full disclosure of all communications, including access to multiple witnesses that definitely disprove this false charge.

As elders we stand 100% behind the integrity of our senior pastor. If you still have questions we ask for your patience while the truth reveals itself. For now we ask you to join our elders expressing your support by your prayers and continued love for this church.