From the case study:

“Is it enough to deny the existence of other alleged victims?   Is it enough to ignore the pain of the collateral victims? Is it enough to keep silent about the church’s responsibility towards dealing with sexual abuse? Is it enough to remain ignorant to the signs of sexual predators? Is it enough to miss the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of this tragedy — thus turning evil into good? It is not enough for me to close the book on this story — I will continue to turn on the light and turn the pages of this story. Should it not be enough for you too?”

Why Bother With a Web Site Like “Is It Enough?”

tell-others-300x358Because we need to bring light to the facts, support the victims of sexual abuse, and show those who perpetrate it and those who try to cover it up that there are people willing to stand up for what it right and take a stand against evil.

There are no winners in this endeavor. 

The victims are still victims, damaged people who may need a long time to heal.

The perpetrators are still the evil, ugly creatures they were.

Rarely are the people in authority who try to hide this kind of evil brought to justice for their complicity.  To them, their on-going concern is to maintain the status-quo and ignore what happens to the victims they are responsible for.

The whistle blowers and concerned individuals who speak up about questionable behavior and call inappropriate activity by the correct term of evil become pariahs, even among their friends.


Douglas Lay

silenced-by-contract-150x151I was a professor of English and TESOL at Saint Louis Christian College from 1999 to 2015, a former pastor in Fenton, Mo, and a former missionary in Puerto Rico for nearly 14 years, having taught English for five years at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayaguez.

I was one of Brandon Milburn’s professors at St. Louis Christian College and his only academic advisor from August of 2005 until May of 2011. I was also his mentor, spending time with him outside of the classroom eating lunch together, sharing life.

I am a member of First Christian Church of Florissant since 1999. I have taught high school Sunday school classes, volunteered at VBS, co-taught a college age Sunday school class with Titus, co-taught the college age Sunday school class with Joe Mueller, occasionally speak on Wednesday evenings, and currently co-teach an adult Sunday school class with my wife, a class previous taught by a former staff member, Steve Ross. I participated in a mission’s trip to Joplin, Missouri after the tornado, and, for a short time, was a member of the choir.

I am also a survivor of sexual abuse and sexual assault.