Child sexual abuse victimThis is a story of a sexual abuse cover up by church leaders, whistle blower bashing, deceit, obfuscation and deflection. What started as an internal church matter ballooned into a local news story complete with a pastor’s forced sabbatical, lawsuits, protection orders, police investigations and the downhill slide of a Christian church in North St. Louis County.

IS-It-Enough-frt-pg-247x-319The story begins …

“He was a Bible College graduate, a skilled musician, a talented worship leader, a gifted creative arts director, a youth sponsor, a church intern, a church member — and a pedophile.”

“On January 26, 2015, in a courtroom in St. Louis County, Brandon Milburn pleaded guilty to seven counts of sodomy with two minors under the age of 12.”

“On March 30, 2015, Brandon Milburn was sentenced to three concurrent 25 year terms in prison.”




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